100 Tuesdays


100 Tuesdays

out of a hundred Tuesdays
are scratches carved black and white
on mimed paper of zeros and ones.


and sounds
becoming sketches of experiences lived
drawn to adorn the soul with frivolity and grace.

Lines and stanzas echoing humanity’s glory


Emotions journey through the surreal
to the dark side
of the enlightened psyche

to find a glowing seed
sprouting dVerse.

Written for #OLN in honor of dVerse poets celebrating #week100  


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  1. Mary
    Mary says:

    Wow, this is very clever. It had my head spinning a bit, but the message was well expressed! Kudos to you on the presentation.

    • Delaina
      Delaina says:

      Thanks Mary;

      I was just wanted to add some special spacing and whatnot. I could not figure out the html code for that so I found an alternative. 🙂

      Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. brian miller
    brian miller says:

    ok now you are messing with me….ha…
    your words are moving…and i was sure that i had just read too many poems and now they were dancing..lol…that is so cool…smiles….thank you for being a part of it…

    • Delaina
      Delaina says:

      Thanks for letting me mess with your brain a bit. I want tonight’s poem to be special. 😉

  3. Grace
    Grace says:

    Thank you for the lovely post ~ My eyes were running after the words ha, like dribbling the ball ~

    Good to see you at the pub ~

    • Delaina
      Delaina says:

      Cheers Grace;

      I hope your eyes relax after reading mine. Your poem was fantastic. Cheers!

  4. claudia
    claudia says:

    how cool is that…how did you manage to make the letters move…first i thought it’s because i’m so tired and they start swimming before my eyes you know…smiles…happy oln 100…smiles

    • Delaina
      Delaina says:

      Thanks Claudia:

      Just putting my Library Science degree to some use. I just adding a html marquee code into the lines. I thought it would put a fun spin on the “mimic paper of zeros and ones”

      Thanks for reading!

  5. kelvin s.m.
    kelvin s.m. says:

    …ah, i , too, was more amazed with the manner of presentation you exerted… odd but not at all disturbing… it was actually rather entertaining… what fun… smiles…

    • Delaina
      Delaina says:

      Cheers Tony;

      I think you could be right about reading the poem itself. I like the movement, but think I will change the rate.

      Thanks for reading. Cheers!

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