A Memory Dream

To Da (the three year-old name I gave him)


A Memory Dream


I dreamt of you last night

I once wrote that your hands are what I would remember…

I dreamt not of a memory we shared

But a memory dream it was

The kind that draws attention to an internal hole, a missing soul leaves behind


I dreamt of you last night, not your hands

A memory dream

A memory that we never shared but an emotion in a familiar place

A song,  a voice of an instrument – human and not

But a memory in dream form all the same

I dreamt of you last night and an emotion that we shared…


I dreamt of you last night

Of your passion that could, if you permit it, expose your youthful heart

A memory dream of your passion for song of voices harmonizing in life

A memory dream of living creation – a song, a voice, a vocal release.

But a memory of a shared wide awake dream

I dreamt of you last night and of our shared passion for creating


I dreamt of you last night and our unrecognized passion

A memory dream that draws attention to a void

A memory dream that does not leave one empty

But rather a memory that reminds the dreamer the void was never there

I dreamt of you last night and found you resided in my dreams


I thought I would remember your hands

But I was wrong I remember your heart


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  1. Miller Family
    Miller Family says:

    Wow! I wish I could put into words how that moved me but I can't. I think your job as an artist is done because I have no words to express how those words made me feel!

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