A Revolutionary Communist

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A Revolutionary Communist
(In memory of Leslie Feinberg)

I cut my baby butch teeth
on your Stone Butch Blues.
I always hated that term
but in this moment of goodbye
it feels almost true.

I discovered my body
between the pages
of your words.
gender on my own

I learned
to embrace the grey
while you played
mother and father
rolling both into one.

You taught me to see:
that we are never what we seem,
to always look in,
and that stone is a veneer
to wear as a shield

and drop like a veil
when standing in a lover’s arms.
You taught me that revolution
was restitution and very personal.
You taught me that self is defined by one.

Today I live in your birth place
as you return home. My journey
is different than yours
and for that I give you
my everlasting gratitude.

This poem can now be found in The Unique & Sundry, which happens to be available on Amazon.

For more information on Leslie Feinberg’s passing read this article on the Advocate 

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