An Introvert’s Tango

An Introvert’sTango

A danceof lovers and of foe
In theend only emotion knows
Face toface we are neither
Theembrace encircles our soul

Our tangois more of the Queer
Neitherone wants to lead…
Nor to follow,
Hence thedance of soul begins unclear

Our wordslead, our actions follow
Thecurrent slow like our undertones
The actionquick with uncertainty
This is…an introvert’s tango

One andthen another arrastre
Pushingor guiding, not sure who’s has the lead
Our soulsmove first
Theirfoundations follow as in poetry

Our heart’sgain awareness in our stance
our fears,wares and of tears bygone…
And howthey caused the soul to bend
The soul healsin the art of dance

The leadand follow
Isneither control or Queer
The pushand pull
Isneither forced or malo

Just an introvert’stango