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Grateful Gatherings

Grateful Gatherings Gather family, gather friends… We gather to savor culinary delights, While the grateful heart has its spiritual fill. I am grateful for comforts, Both large and small alike. I am grateful for an airplane’s ability To shorten distances between here and there. I am grateful for oceans, as they fill voids And gaps, […]


Pain Why am I here? Once my torrid lover, I thought we were through. We played with love And I got burned. But still I am here. Woken and disturbed, Like before: Heart racing, Fighting back the tears. Why are you here? The scars of our passion Starting to throb. The throat’s loss of air, […]

An Introvert’s Tango

An Introvert’sTango A danceof lovers and of foe In theend only emotion knows Face toface we are neither Theembrace encircles our soul Our tangois more of the Queer Neitherone wants to lead… Nor to follow, Hence thedance of soul begins unclear Our wordslead, our actions follow Thecurrent slow like our undertones The actionquick with uncertainty […]

The Fall

TheFall The once vibrant with life The once green, open full to catch the sun The once high, holding up the sky Now a golden bronze of slumbering death The tips are curled as if burned The windstirs the branches high The once secured looses hold A dance of spins and twirls begin A quick […]

If You Were My Daughter

*Disclaimer This poem is not a reflection of any of the Mothers that may read and follow this blog. Its creation was kindled by a friend’s poem and stories I have heard from two friends. Thank you! If You Were My Daughter I would have held you close to me at every stage of your […]


Friends They are the gifts we give ourselves. It is because of them we take initiatives. They are the light at adark and lonely tunnel’s end. That is why we call them friend. They pull us up when we are down. It is because of this, we wish for them to never frown. They push […]

Just Found Out

Hello Everyone; I just found out from one of my sisters yesterday that my cousin Teddi has cancer. So I also want to dedicate the earlier poem to Teddi as well as Ailene and my father. Life is so short as it is, to have cancer taking lives away from us at such an early […]