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Hello My Friends. Life is a strange experience sometimes. It seems that when death comes close to us, our heart seems to be more aware of the value of life. Yet at the same time the impending sense of loss causes a lethargic feeling that seems to surround us. Or at least this is what […]

A Memory Dream

To Da (the three year-old name I gave him)   A Memory Dream   I dreamt of you last night I once wrote that your hands are what I would remember… I dreamt not of a memory we shared But a memory dream it was The kind that draws attention to an internal hole, a […]

Monday’s Poem

The Miracles of Love   The miracles of love take many forms: Like passion shared by lovers Like apprehension shared by friends Like concern shared by parents We walk across this land Strong with purpose Yet we are ignorant We all walk across the earth As if its sole design was for our individual needs […]

Response Poem

Summer 2009 2009 What a year we thought it would be,New presidentNew hope,Awareness of diverse abilities yet… 2009What a year it could have been.It is like a birthday, I guess another year has passedbut do we feel any different from last year?Do we act any different than we did last year? 2009Education undervalued and underfunded.Libraries […]

Hello world

As Tony Robbins would say “today is someday.” Meaning that we put things off saying someday I will get to it. Well world…today is my someday. I sit here in my not so quiet rage disturbed by the hatred and disrespect that we as human beings seem to share for each other. Today is the […]