Big Red Judys

While watering my garden and coleus, trying to save my plant’s life in the drought, I found myself thinking about these three Big Red Judy coleus plants and my cousin Judy. You are missed Judy but you are thought of often.

Big Red Judys

In my garden they stand.
The three Big Red Judy coleus plants
I planted after my cousin Judy’s death.
The leaves arch like purple taco shells
waiting to be filled with nourishment.
Eager for whatever life brings to them.
Ready to receive
the sun’s relentless heat
or a passing cloud’s moisture.

Bold, beautiful, and red
they are, in a sea of green.
Even the stocks are deep red to purple.
There are only hints of green that give away
their secret coleus life.
Unique that is what they were meant to be.
Standout that is the lesson they teach.
Above all, they are strong even when the wind
bends them they simply flutter.

They are so much like my cousin and
my memory of her. Strong, beautiful,
unique. She always taught by standing out.
She would bend only to stand straight
and was ready to receive love back again.
Funny how we are like our surroundings.
Even the elements we do not see
we are ourselves.
We are all standing in the life’s garden ready to grow.


©Copyright Delaina Miller 2012


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