Birthday Love

Birthday Love


You came into the world

A daughter full of love

And light.


Your own mother rejoiced

In your life and the

Gifts you brought.


In a flash of your parent’s eyes

you became a woman and

a mom yourself.


In your children’s’ eyes

A hero, a mentor, their



Your heart so full of life,

And light you instilled in

All of them…love.


To this day we, your children,

Grow in life and spread

Your love.


You light the hearts

Of all that know you

And know of you.


You are only one year older

But you are legendary

You are my motivation.


My own love and light

Is because of you.


My feet have touched

The earth because of you.


My heart has touched

Others because of you.


I am –

because of



I love you Mom

Happy Birthday


Feb 18th 2012

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  1. Deborah Milam
    Deborah Milam says:

    Hi Delaina,

    It was great seeing you both at HyVee a couple days ago. Thanks for sharing your website. I’m really impressed. My father is no longer with me and reading your poems brought tears to my eyes. I’ve only begun delving into your recent articles and am appreciative for the insights you’ve shared and look forward to reading more.

    I also want to purchase the book but I don’t have an Kindle and would rather rather not have to buy one. Is it possible to buy the e-book and read it on my computer?

    Give Kristin a hug for me and have her give you a hug for me. I’m glad you are both back in KC and hope to see you both more frequently in the future.


    • Delaina
      Delaina says:

      Hello Deborah;

      Thank you so much for your kind complements. It is hard to lose a parent, and yes I too miss my dad terribly.

      As for the e-books, yes you can buy them and read them on your computer you do not have to buy an e-reader.

      It was so great running in to you at HyVee and we both look forward to running into you again.

      Thank you for your friendship,

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