Aleatoric Verse

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Oct 31st (Don’t include any word with a single “A” in it, but do include at least one word with two “A”s in it.)


Aleatoric Verse

here to
with verse.
Words haphazard
or chosen
to upend
from the edge of what is known
yet to be discovered
or believed
we roll the dice
to grow.

An Ode to a Challenge

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Oct 30th (Write a poem about completing something.)


An Ode To A Challenge

Another month done
a challenge complete
I have only done two
this one was my second —
this year and for life.
Ode the prompts
I will not lie
some had me cursing, refusing
then pushing for pleasant results.
Ode to the poems
that caused tears to spill from my eyes
and the giggles that lightened silence.
Ode to the poets
some already friends
some new to freshen life
all were inspirations with verse.


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Oct 29th (Write the final line of your poem first, then figure out a way to get there.)

Marshmallow Shooter


Laughter filled the backyard
spilling over the fences
invading the neighbors yards.
No one cared,
it had been years
since dad had passed
even more since
we laughed as a family
like that — maybe
we were forgetting how.

A simple handmade Christmas gift
started the commotion.
Pieces of 1/2 inch PVC pipe
cut to specific lengths
some tee’s, elbows, and caps
and eighteen marshmallow shooters are born.
One per person
and a bag of marshmallows
load and blow.
No matter our age we were all kids
caught in a moment.

Missed me!
… in the face
Take That!
… stuck in the hair

Some shielded themselves
with garbage can lids
others just ran
chaos and bliss
therapy to bring some cheer.
eyes bright and sly grins
laughter pushing up a dark sky
the littered desert ground gave
new meaning to a “White Christmas.”


Now you can even watch the video:


Listening to be Heard

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Day 27 (Use an inspiration tool -Start with a title)


Listening to be Heard

A path to a new day.

Shake yesterday from last night’s dreams
a blue yoga mat unfurled
across the orange hue of the wooden floor
the dvd begins

while instructed to breath
deep slow breaths
stretch the body open
lengthen the mind to focus
push chatter into silence.

Stillness waits to be heard

ancient thoughts
for attention
pay the ransom
stimulate points
Emotional Freedom Technique.
The spirit wiggles free of constraints

Silence now a whisper

center, be still, let go
meditation —
ambition’s microphone
listening to be heard
now the path is clear.
Start the day hearing
your needs.

Push & Pull

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Day 26 (paragraph form and then change it into a free verse poem)


Push & Pull

The a push to be
the woman you wanted of me
was the tide pulling me away.
I prayed under a white moon
now I dance in its light.
Our pacifiers have changed.
Young tears on a flower pillow case
became buckets of teenage angst.
Now tears come
more from happiness
than pain. Our faith
remains strong
but the more you cling
to yours the harder I run.
The solace you seek, is not mine.
The apocalypse you push
to the shore
is not the knowledge I pull
from the sand
while combing for trinkets
and signs of compassion.
Light looks different from both sides
as we pacify our selves.


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Day 25 (Write a poem that begins and ends with the same word.)


it melts from dark brown
transferred from your lips to mine
sharing tears so bittersweet