Memory 99

Day 17 (Click on Wikipedia’s random link until you find something/things that inspire a poem)

Memory 99 came up. It is a large Corten steel sculpture by Lee Kelly.

Wikipedia link
Here is the image link I used to draw the poem from.

Memory 99

Long lines
standing tall
metal strong
bent to conform
to the artist’s hand.
Side views of stick figures
with arms in motion.
The symbol of pi
or is it two figures
locked in a kiss?
Is perhaps, the message
they are one and the same
Pi and lovers?
In reflection, life is seen
through owl eyes.
Laughter, love, and wisdom
are better shared.

This poem can now be found in The Unique & Sundry, which happens to be available on Amazon.

In a Silent Breath

Day 16 an extra poem and extra steamy. Is it hot in here? Or is it just you?


In a Silent Breath

teased by a finger
drawn slowly
from clavicle along
the outer curve
of a breast that tempts
like meringue to taste
in a touch
body aching
in a silent breath.


Day 16 (Write a new poem from an old theme/poem) I actually reworked two poems one is a little hotter than the other.  Here is the milder one.



The threshold
separating our souls.
The layers
of your energy
forever separate
but never divided
from defining us.

Our bodies nested
in our shared existence.
A morning breeze stirs
the flesh
we cocoon tighter.
Both, half awake

conscious of each other;
breath, skin, and heat
we remain still and let passion
fill the space between.

Heavenly Body

Day 15: (Write a poem that follows the three rules of the imagists)


Heavenly Body

Suspended by your
magnetic axle
crater and pocked
your shell changes
florescent white in the light.

Repetition & Rhythm

Day 14 (Write a poem that uses at least two different forms of repetition.)

London Eye

Repetition & Rhythm

It’s rhythm that taps
taps those toes
To the dance floor you go
with nobody you know
the hips sway
and sway
while the mind drifts away.
It’s away your heart goes
to place only you know
eyes glaze
in love’s daze.
Low and sweet she serenades
of yesterday’s love
a love you know
held too tight
bled in the light
til you swore no more
but here you are
on the dance floor
with another, eyes doe and bright
you know your heart’s not ready
but the rhythm
is so right.


This poem is playing double duty. The prompt of “repetition” is part of the 31p 31d challenge and over at the dVerse pub Anthony Desmond is having us pay poetic tribute to music. “You spin me right, round, like a record baby round, round,” has already been done. So above is my contribution. Though I feel these are two prompts that need my further attention. 🙂

Breakin’ Norm

Day 13 (Break from your standard writing process)


Breakin’ Norm

Dive right in
don’t meditate
The room too loud
don’t hesitate
The phone is ringing
everyone on tenterhooks.
Rumor’s fly with broomstick swipes
What’s that they say – must be a lie.
A list of complaints:
computers suck
my kid is sick
it’s all to much
it’s all unfair
I’ve had it here.
There is always someone else
to blame.
Too much to swallow
for one more day.
I’m breakin’ outta here.

A Tanka

Day 12 (Write a poem using syllabic verse).

As I slacked off on the meter prompts I thought I would have a go at a syllabic verse that I have not tried to write in before. I have been interested in tanka for a while now, so here is my first attempt.


©Delaina J. Miller 2011

from the falls
the moon gathers spray
a moonbow —
the arc of your smile
a golden treasure