I Love You

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Day 11 (Write a poem in the first person that makes a definitive statement. Stand behind something you believe or tell a bold lie. Either way, embrace what you have to say.)


I Love You

The way you gather sunbeams
in oceans and wheat.

Your wrinkles dug by rivers of time
You dye your hair when the seasons change.

You let the moon rest
among valleys and peaks.

Your skin foraged
to fed my greed

Plowed, mined, fracked, and bombed
yet you give your abundant gifts

while I only ask for more.

Streams fill my belly
sunsets my soul

My tread so heavy, you probably don’t know
I confess my love every night under your blanket of stars.


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Day 10 (Breaking away from the prompt again)



In the tiny hours
sleep’s lost rhythm is what I seek.
some kind of beat
a tick to match her tock
Her inhalations mirrored
I wait to conceive the world
behind eyelid curtains.
The breath of the sleeping too deep
to be matched by a mind so awake.
Words gnaw without clarity.
Now at the computer thoughts drift back

to her warm body under cool sheets
the curve of her spine
as it arches into her hips.
Her shoulders kissed by moonlight.
The charge her skin gives
so freely to my current.
My eyes close heavy with want
to watch her sleep,
or feel the push and pull of her breath
warm on my neck, as we lie together
on sheets full with lavender’s scent.

Crickets and Rain

Day 9

Crickets and Rain

Swollen and heavy
windows are drums
raindrops pound.
Crickets strum their bows
Music to keep time
on a sleepless night.


Today’s prompt was to write an elegy poem. Staying true to Delaina J. Miller fashion I wrote an elegy for something I wish did not exist or at the very least, did not rule our lives no matter how well intentioned. 🙂



What will we do
without you?
How can we face the sun
when all we know of it
is shadows?
Protected we were
in your fog asylum.
Your presence
no longer present,
our bleached and smooth minds
pull the shawl of courage
tight to our shoulders
fling the door wide
and greet the dawn.

Acts of Kindness

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Day 7 – Write a List Poem


©Delaina J. Miller 2014

Acts of Kindness

The fare-less ride home when everything else has gone wrong.
The lift to school for the classmate that lives close by.
The carseat for a child instead of a ticket for mom.
The hug given to the husband who’s wife has just passed.
The long version told to amuse her lonely heart.
The gentle smile and a tissue for the child scared at front of the store.
The meal delivered without any strings.
The hand reaching out when you’ve slipped in the mud.
The benefit of doubt though he looks out of place.
The second chance when pockets turn out full.
The alliance of a friend until the bully walks away.
The compromise found where both parties win.
The peace treaty real without troops and bombs deployed.
The show of love though difference is clear.

Disembark Yesterday

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Day 6 prompt was to meditate and write. Below is the result.


Disembark Yesterday

Rattle the foundation of faith
blind of other designs too long.

Pound at the shackles
that have left flesh raw.

Take a running leap
off decrepit stairs
land face to the sky
arms ready to receive.

Unmask the face of strength
find it is your own.


Birthday Cake

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Day 5 (Write a persona poem)

birthday cake

Birthday Cake

The lady at the school
keeps asking
what kind of cake I want.
I know it is a lie
no one cares.
I tell her nothing.
Adults say
“‘non-verbal’ that one”.
But I jus’ got noth’n to say.
Words cause problems
don’cha know.
You open your mouth
and let them tumble out
next thing you know
you’re chew’n and spew’n on a bar
or that punk that sleeps with ma
plants one in the gut
when no ones sees.
Nah it’s smart just ta keep the trap shut.

It’s not like he’s my dad.
Nah he left us long ago.
Ma says I look just like him
says I be just lik’em too
guess it’s settled then.
When I was a kid,
I though he was a Superhero
but I’m seven Monday
I know there’s no such thing
it’s just movies. And Santa Claus too
just another lie.
Who starts these things?
Man it’s not like I’m some baby
like my sister. I’m seven ya know.

Here she is again, the lady at the school,
She keeps talking to me, why
she can’t let me be
no one’s bought me a cake before
why would they now?
Maybe she believes that Santa Claus
and Superheroes are real.
Ha! Just you wait’n see
come Monday
there be no birthday cake for me.


{This kid will get a birthday cake. Kristin and I made sure of it. It is a local thing and one we are passionate about. I hope you find ways to be a superhero in your community too.}