Monday Motivation – Ravished Petals

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A tanka-ish poem for Monday Motivation #luvgram style




Mountain High

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Mountain High

A cloud hangs over the peak
like breath
fresh and beautiful.
A puff of white
as if blown from a peace pipe.

mountain high.001

The Colors of Freedom

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The Colors of Freedom

A flag of Red White and Blue
star studded and stripped
flaps in the wind.

A bold symbol of independence
as mindsets and ideologies blow
in and out with tenacity.

Whispers of wrongs and Rights
tethered to lighted poles.
Waves of sovereignty

ebb and flow across a Nation
that boast of free agency,
free market, and freedoms.

From banners of Human Rights,
State Rights, Civil Rights
— slowly we see the light.

Three colors are not enough
to define our strengths,
our wisdom, our bravery.

We move towards a state
of an Enlightened Liberty under our flag
of God, Country, & Diversity.

The Colors of Freedom

The Colors of Freedom