Waiting for You Letters

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Waiting for You Letters

He wrote a letter for each of us
while mom was in delivery.

His birthing process
scribing his prayers on paper
while mom’s pleas filled the room
both of them breathing hope into our tiny bodies
both pouring love into our existence.

One by one they achieved seven
that stayed long enough to name.
Each one they viewed as God’s gift to hold
for as long as they could.

Together they waited for us
to stand
to walk
to talk
to run towards their ideals.

Together they waited for us
to fill their lives with new purpose
to hold their hands
to catch up to their long strides
to share our dreams.

Side by side they aged
until one, would age no more.
I’m sure he is writing his Waiting for You Letters
not to hurry us along
but to welcome us, as before.

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Café Conversations

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Café Conversations

Over lattes and sandwiches
whispers become a collective hum
animated hands sound out emotions in syllables.
Words of little weight lift from our lips
while the ones of matter lie
heavy on our tongues.
Ready for escape
waiting to expose our tenderness:
“I’m sorry, I was wrong.”
“I don’t what to be alone.”
“I love you.”
“About last night – can it happen again?”
The silent space when the mouth takes in rather than offers
followed by the awkward sound of metal chair legs dragging
across concrete. Though there is the promise of next week
a hunger remains unsatisfied as goodbyes are said.

Sidewalk scene outside local cafes on East Broadway Street in Granville, Ohio. Photo shot for the morgueFile.com's 11th Hour Project - 2007.

Sidewalk scene outside local cafes on East Broadway Street in Granville, Ohio. Photo shot for the morgueFile.com’s 11th Hour Project – 2007.

Interactions at the Gamber Center

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Interactions at the Gamber Community Center in Lee’s Summit


When art and poetry come together on the walls they interact in a way that transitions images from color and sound — to full illustrations of what it means to live, experience, and in some cases survive.

This is exactly what local artist Elisabeth Spillman Nord and local poet Delaina J. Miller want from their show Interactions. Interactions is not just about the viewer and reader interacting with a piece of art or a poem, though that is vital, Interactions is also about the poet reacting to art, and artist reacting with poetry. Elisabeth and Delaina invite you to their opening reception May 7th at 6:30pm at the Gamber Community Center in Lee’s Summit so you experience firsthand — contemporary art on your tongue and poetry embodied in acrylics.

Elisabeth and Delaina will be thrilled to explain how Interactions came to be and how their pieces connect or disconnect. Since their original collaboration Interactions has exhibited at Got Art Gallery in Lee’s Summit (January 2014). It was at this show that many voiced how they “identify with the emotion and tone of Suburbia Is Killing Me.” At another show at the Wheat Gallery (August 2014,) one of the attendees remarked “by offering the poetry as a side-by-side to the art, I have a better understanding of the artist’s mind.”

Elisabeth notes that Interactions at the Gamber Center offers “quite a few new pieces,” and she is right. The show will be the largest it has ever been, offering even more possibilities for art and poetry lovers to interact with images of the mind and heart.

Interactions is viewable at the Gamber Community Center in Lee’s Summit until July 16th.

Learn more about the artist: elisabethnord.com
Learn more about the Lee’s Summit Art’s Council: http://cityofls.net


PAD Day 10 – How Lovely

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How Lovely

Peale's Venus Rising from the Sea: A Deception  (See it live and unaltered at the Nelson-Atkins Museum)

Peale’s Venus Rising from the Sea: A Deception
(See it live and unaltered at the Nelson-Atkins Museum)

The light that draws the moth to its flame.
Like Peale’s Venus Rising from the Sea:
A Deception. Why are we drawn to it?
The mystery that hides behind the drape.
The anticipation of the vulnerable
being revealed. The recognized
connection of sacrifice and desire.
Between the backdrop and the stage curtain
we understand the unseen as our own grace.


Inspired after hearing Liz Rideal speak
at the Nelson-Atkins Museum.

PAD – Day 1 Crossing Lines

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Crossing Lines

(Inspired by the Kansas City Repertory Theatre’s HAIR: Retrospection)

Minds set in metronome fashion that tick
off our tock.
Balance dangles in a web of resistance and clash.
Defining humanity
in skin tones and genitals
scar tissue thick
across the muscles of society.

Hey Doc with your reality repellent drugs
we are in battle with our surroundings.
War beaches on our shorelines
over oceans and picket lines.
Spoon fed fears, our souls are dying
in someone’s fascination of war.
Nothing left to do but shout


From this bloody sea
where we paddle like dogs.