Natural Reflections

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We are hanging at the dVerse pub tonight with Grace writing Ecopoetry. Join the fun and explore your organic connections.

Natural Reflections

I stand facing the sun that winter chills
an icy tempest lifts stands of my hair
and slaps my cheeks.
Nature and I catch our breath
in our joint hibernation and meditation.

I prefer spring’s dramatic winds
and autumn’s colorful flare
to summer’s feverish wrath
and winter’s neglectful blight.
Our nature is to thrive unconditionally.

The tree needs our breath
bartering it’s shade and heat.
I understand I am no more important
than the yellow in a Flicker’s tail
no more worthy than the ant.

Though my shoe is small
my footprint is larger than most.
So great the responsibilities,
the bond between inhabitants
to take the rough with the smooth.

Flicker Fan

Catch & Release

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Catch & Release

Among Sedona’s red pillars
we chase love like butterflies.
Passion came to a fiery end
a gorge too deep to cross.

With memories of your laughter,
the ominous glint of your eyes,
and the price of your touch —
I return to that same sky
among the sanguine stone

to release us completely
back into the stream
that our laughter swam
to purify and love again.

catch&release .001

Written and shared for  Poetics- at dVerse CC has served up the prompt of natures ability to heal, sooth, and inspire.

Liquid Routines

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Liquid Routines

It starts early
a splash of cold water
on sleep heavy eyes.

Threading a sleep conscious
body through doorways
until a hand lands
on the now illuminated kettle switch.

Waiting, icy water pours into a glass
because someone once said
H3O was better than H2O
and that chilling the water would change
the molecular construction.

Who comes up with stuff like this
or maybe who is the nut job
giving herself brain freeze
at 5 am that believes it’s for her better good?

The kettle pops, the steam carries
the dry, bitter, earthy scent of black tea
as it rises from the Brown Betty pot.
Awe. Good. Morning.

The dry rituals of exercise
and mediation complete
hot shower water falls
on the flesh like a gentle rain
if rain was hot.

A cup of coffee after breakfast
but only with honey and cream
to cut the bitter down.

Remember seven glasses of water
keeps the skin glowing and fresh.
Beside it’s easier to justify the next
two pots of tea.

Dinnertime warrants a change
from tea to wine. I like mine
a complex deep red in the winter
and jewel toned in the summer.
Awe. Good. Evening.

Gabriella is having us write about the beauty of everyday routines at the dVerse pub for Poetics. Come join us.

PAD Day 8 – Dare to Care

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Dare to Care


It was on the news again
another kid shot of by a cop
who feared
for his life or of African Decent.
Unfair to say?
Unfair a life is gone and the video plays
over and over.
we bend at this crossroad
is it fear, is it racism?

It was on the news again
another hostage kneeling
at the feet of radical belief.
God or Country
as if they are one in the same.
Unfair to say?
Unfair to hold our breath and watch
over and over.
we bend at this crossroad
is it fear, is it origin?

It was on the news again
this hate we spew
this venom that poisons
filling us will a plague
Unfair to say?
Unfair to hear only one story to lift our day
over and over.
we bend at this crossroad
is this all we will be, if this is all we see?

Dare we could be more than our fears.
Dare we could be greater than where we began.
Dare we could be a headliner of a magnificent niche.


In addition to Poem a Day this poem is hanging out with the other poems and poets of dVerseOLN.

And So It Is

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And So It Is

Beyond the trees
I pray for peace
the fulfillment of needs
and the abundance of love.

Even shadows look for shelter
existing only where light persists
their beauty is the contrast
we find in ourselves.

Surrounded in the piquant smell of fog
our blindness has no relation to the dark.
Faith is a limitless devotion
that includes more than the Divine.

A human strength
is to use insight as our eyes
touch as our intelligence
and openness as bravery.

And so it is that beyond the trees
I pray for peace
the fulfillment of needs
and the abundance of love.

Writing and sharing to Meet the Bar set by Victoria and the dVerse Pub.