A Royals 2014 Birthday Present

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It’s my Dad’s birthday today. He would have been 71 today. Cancer sucked his life away from us when he was only 63. Honestly, I just could not write another poem about cancer this year. I woke this morning to find two things, the Royals were going to the playoffs and an email from one of my brothers telling a story about how he became a Royals fan. The following is the inspired result.


A Royals 2014 Birthday Present

The Royals won!
Made it to the playoffs.
You took me to a game once
George Brett was playing
one of my brothers is still jealous.

When I was even younger
you took me to another game
all I remember
is the Detroit Lions sweatshirt I came home with.
I still root for them
unless they are playing the Chiefs.

My brother loves the Royals
because you told him they were your favorite
Years later, all of us went to the K
to see the Royals play.

I should remember the game
but I don’t. I only remember
how nice it was to be there
with you.
All of us with you
watching your favorite team.
We all knew you did not really like sports.
But being our hero
we cheer on the teams
that tie us to memories of you.


Shared with the dVerse Pub open link night (#OLN) Thanks for tending the pub tonight Marina!

The Fear of Falling

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Fear of Falling by Brooke Shaden

Fear of Falling by Brooke Shaden

The Fear of Falling

She dreams of being a butterfly
bold colorful wings to lift the grey frailty
of her newspaper skin.
Read and crumpled in the corner
tossed there long ago
she cocoons herself and wonders
“Was I ever young?”

She tries to remember her last dream
and squeezes her eyes tight.

Radiant wings
Strength and Purpose
uncoil from her back.
She takes flight in the moment
fearing to stay in her place.

Today the poets at the dVerse pub are drinking in the poignant art of Brooke Shaden and writing poetry. To see more of Brooke Shaden’s art please visit her site:

Come join Grace and the rest of us for Poetics: Passion of Brooke Shaden

This poem can now be found in The Unique & Sundry, which happens to be available on Amazon.


The Secret Life of Books

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Claudia Schoenfeld's The Secret Life of Books

Claudia Schoenfeld’s The Secret Life of Books

The Secret Life of Books

Where do the words go
when they pass our lips?

Do they rise skyward
like butterflies
awaiting a new tongue
to flutter on?

Do the words shake from covers
and fall —
one by one
to drench the mind
in fantasy
or memory?

Do the letters bleed
into Rorschach’s blots
to be more
than the eye imagines?

Words can be —
the twist of the key
that unlocks
the mysteries.


Playing with the dVerse Poets tonight. Mary has done a fantastic job tending the Poetics bar — featuring the sketches of dVerse’s own Claudia Schoenfeld. With the artist’s permission, we celebrate the art of water colors and poetry melding together.

This poem can now be found in The Unique & Sundry, which happens to be available on Amazon.

An Ode to a Voice

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An Ode to a Voice

Out – from of a library shelf you looked at me
I reached out
touching your color
peeling back the covers
that hold your words
floating black ribbons
meander from white paper
across my virgin flesh
your vocal intonations
a seduction
of courage and whet incentives
an awakening
through syllabic art
transcribing the possibility of one’s true essence.


Written to celebrate the anniversary of dVerse Poets Claudia is tending and setting the bar high. We are all writing odes to poets.

PAD 2014 – Waterfall

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Day 26

Today’s prompt was to write a water poem. As it has been rainy as of late the prompt was not hard to write. 🙂

It is also Open Link Night at the dVerse pub and Beth Winter is minding the bar. So pop on over and immerse yourself in some fine poetry.



A dark heavy sky releases
the warmth of spring.
Ripples explode across puddles
as droplets splash in.
A dogwood tousled
by the of wind
sleeps no more.
To join the poets hanging at the dVerse Pub #OLN. Beth is doing a fine job tending the bar.

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PAD 2014 – Dirt Roads and Forgotten Highways

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Day 21

Today’s prompt was to write a back to basics poem. I was also dreaming of a car ride out in the country.

dirt roads and highways

Dirt Roads and Forgotten Highways

She squeals, Road Trip!
Steering off the fancy paved
toll road we veer onto a path
few still travel.

Dark tar lines stretch
like veins for miles and miles.
The tires thump a baseline
our souls can put melody to.

Abandoned mills, family farms
and wooden fences
line the worn roads
the map marks as thin black lines.

Two lane roads
double yellow lines.
No fast lane
only No Passing signs

until the curves straighten
and the hills flatten. Enjoy
the view. Watch the hawks
ride the currents

and the hay stacks blur
against tender grasses.
In still ponds
the sky reflects.

Today we escape
the hustle — the bustle
back to basics
a halcyon country drive.

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PAD 2014 – Passage


Day 2 of PAD. The daily prompt was to write a voyage poem.



Oh what a ride. A full whirlwind!
Our journey together.
Compass in hand we traverse
prairie fields, desert hills,
even gardens of the world.
Side by side we wiggle through
retaining walls to define our married life.
One decade becoming two
our knot finally recognized.

From the airplane window we watch
the earth move and we feel change.
A virgin voyage some might say
though we return each year
feels different. Open eyes and arms wait
to pull us in, pull us close
to avow our love
to celebrate
the completion of us.

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