Never Mind

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Never Mind

It’s not for us.
It’s for others
that costumed game.
We can listen to “Canon in D”
anytime, we own the cd.

We will wait
for Someday
when all can play the aisle game.
Besides white is not
our color.

When a lifetime could be spent
in the sparkle of your eyes
why care about bling
on on a finger that doesn’t even point.

Priest written vows sworn
in front of family and friends
and a heap of people we don’t know.
Please, what can be more powerful
than the poetry we write
in love’s floodlight.

It’s just paper with a seal
proof of what we already know is real.
After all these years, choice vetoed,
what difference would it make?
Never mind, lets elope!

A Kiss

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A Kiss

Tender lips
wet with blueberry gloss
wide with innocence
laughing at what I just said.
“Do it then” you dared.
Defiant lips glistening
now a hard pressed line.
In a blushing rush
I gave you my first kiss.

Well I’m doing it again. I Just finished up the last poetry challenge by turning it into She Too and now I am doing another poetry challenge. This one is 31p31d hosted by John Hewitt author of the blog Poewar/Writer’s Resource Center and the poetry book Extended Stay.

The prompt today was to write a poem about something you gave away as a child.

Thank you for joining me on this poetic journey of decanting my soul. 

Family Quilt – from She Too

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For my family
(on my parents anniversary, which I now call Family Day.)


Family Quilt

Delaina J. Miller

A constant
loud roar
of dysfunction
that functions.

rips out seams
a calico quilt
left in tatters.

nieces and nephews
patch the holes
to keep bitter cold
from settling in our hearts.

and triumphs together;
a golden thread
to stitch, strengthen
and bind our lives
into a definable whole

we call family.

©Delaina J. Miller 2014

Family Quilt is taken from She Too: Four Voices in (Almost) Harmony.

A Royals 2014 Birthday Present

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It’s my Dad’s birthday today. He would have been 71 today. Cancer sucked his life away from us when he was only 63. Honestly, I just could not write another poem about cancer this year. I woke this morning to find two things, the Royals were going to the playoffs and an email from one of my brothers telling a story about how he became a Royals fan. The following is the inspired result.


A Royals 2014 Birthday Present

The Royals won!
Made it to the playoffs.
You took me to a game once
George Brett was playing
one of my brothers is still jealous.

When I was even younger
you took me to another game
all I remember
is the Detroit Lions sweatshirt I came home with.
I still root for them
unless they are playing the Chiefs.

My brother loves the Royals
because you told him they were your favorite
Years later, all of us went to the K
to see the Royals play.

I should remember the game
but I don’t. I only remember
how nice it was to be there
with you.
All of us with you
watching your favorite team.
We all knew you did not really like sports.
But being our hero
we cheer on the teams
that tie us to memories of you.


Shared with the dVerse Pub open link night (#OLN) Thanks for tending the pub tonight Marina!

Kiss of the Moon

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Kiss of the Moon

In a few days it will be the anniversary of my Dad’s birthday so of course I wrote a poem for my Mom. 🙂

Donna Rampton this one is for you. Thank you for all the memories and sharing the mornings with me.


Kiss of the Moon

Strength is what I see
when I look at you.
Jaw set and beautiful
ready for the lips you gave me
to kiss your cheek.

Up before the sun
just to get a little more done.
This is where it comes from
my love of mornings.
The memories
of my stolen moments

with you alone, for my own.
No longer young, either of us,
I still rise before dawn
to send my love to you
with the last kiss of the moon.


The Fear of Falling

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Fear of Falling by Brooke Shaden

Fear of Falling by Brooke Shaden

The Fear of Falling

She dreams of being a butterfly
bold colorful wings to lift the grey frailty
of her newspaper skin.
Read and crumpled in the corner
tossed there long ago
she cocoons herself and wonders
“Was I ever young?”

She tries to remember her last dream
and squeezes her eyes tight.

Radiant wings
Strength and Purpose
uncoil from her back.
She takes flight in the moment
fearing to stay in her place.

Today the poets at the dVerse pub are drinking in the poignant art of Brooke Shaden and writing poetry. To see more of Brooke Shaden’s art please visit her site:

Come join Grace and the rest of us for Poetics: Passion of Brooke Shaden

This poem can now be found in The Unique & Sundry, which happens to be available on Amazon.


Harvest Moon

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The Gleaners - Camille Pissarro  (with alterations)

The Gleaners – Camille Pissarro
(with alterations)

Harvest Moon

In the darkness
fall settles summer’s heat.
Green leafs burst orange and gold
life yields.

A new season begins
chased by death
we harvest a year.

pick over memories
life given
life spent
life without you.