An Ode to a Voice

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An Ode to a Voice

Out – from of a library shelf you looked at me
I reached out
touching your color
peeling back the covers
that hold your words
floating black ribbons
meander from white paper
across my virgin flesh
your vocal intonations
a seduction
of courage and whet incentives
an awakening
through syllabic art
transcribing the possibility of one’s true essence.


Written to celebrate the anniversary of dVerse Poets Claudia is tending and setting the bar high. We are all writing odes to poets.

Interactions – Wheat Photography Gallery

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She Too-Four Voices in (Almost) Harmony

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Big news!


She Too: Four Voices in (Almost) Harmony is on scheduled to release This Month.

This globally written anthology is the end result of four poets combining their poems from  two different April Poetry Challenges.

The strong voices of Rosemary Nissen-Wade, Leigh D.C. Spencer, and Helen Patrice combine with my own and we create a poetry account of life’s beauty, challenges, loss, and love.

Come join the poetry party at She Too: Four Voices in (Almost) Harmony’s Facebook Page.

Solstice Soup

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Featured in Poets United


I have just had a “better than I could dream it,” dream come true!

One of my poems that I wrote during the Poetic Aside challenge has put me in the limelight and I wanted to share this news with you.


My Aussie Mentor Rosemary Nissen-Wade liked my poem If I Were a Love Poem so much that she featured me in her “I Wish I’d Written This” monthly blog post on the Poets United blog.

Can you believe it?! My feet have not touched the ground. I am so honored that Rosemary chose that poem to feature.

Thank you Rosemary!

Here is the link if you would like to read it I Wish I’d Written This.

Starting Over

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Starting Over

Over a campfire we said goodbye
no choice to stay.
Over nothing we parted ways
because the hurt felt like everything.
Now here
we stand at time’s gate
friends again.
We discover what we missed
over Facebook posts
and carefully chosen lines
ready to hold on this time.

How we spent the hours we shared before
are elusive.
In place of memories
are the joys felt in your company.
The way the sound of your name lifted me,
your smile, your grace.
Most of all, your light
I preserved it in my heart —
a sweet jelly to spread over life’s crumbs.

For Lisa – because once we open our hearts to someone they never really leave.