Never Mind

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Never Mind

It’s not for us.
It’s for others
that costumed game.
We can listen to “Canon in D”
anytime, we own the cd.

We will wait
for Someday
when all can play the aisle game.
Besides white is not
our color.

When a lifetime could be spent
in the sparkle of your eyes
why care about bling
on on a finger that doesn’t even point.

Priest written vows sworn
in front of family and friends
and a heap of people we don’t know.
Please, what can be more powerful
than the poetry we write
in love’s floodlight.

It’s just paper with a seal
proof of what we already know is real.
After all these years, choice vetoed,
what difference would it make?
Never mind, lets elope!

Family Quilt – from She Too

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For my family
(on my parents anniversary, which I now call Family Day.)


Family Quilt

Delaina J. Miller

A constant
loud roar
of dysfunction
that functions.

rips out seams
a calico quilt
left in tatters.

nieces and nephews
patch the holes
to keep bitter cold
from settling in our hearts.

and triumphs together;
a golden thread
to stitch, strengthen
and bind our lives
into a definable whole

we call family.

©Delaina J. Miller 2014

Family Quilt is taken from She Too: Four Voices in (Almost) Harmony.