Nature’s Cadence

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Café Conversations

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Café Conversations

Over lattes and sandwiches
whispers become a collective hum
animated hands sound out emotions in syllables.
Words of little weight lift from our lips
while the ones of matter lie
heavy on our tongues.
Ready for escape
waiting to expose our tenderness:
“I’m sorry, I was wrong.”
“I don’t what to be alone.”
“I love you.”
“About last night – can it happen again?”
The silent space when the mouth takes in rather than offers
followed by the awkward sound of metal chair legs dragging
across concrete. Though there is the promise of next week
a hunger remains unsatisfied as goodbyes are said.

Sidewalk scene outside local cafes on East Broadway Street in Granville, Ohio. Photo shot for the's 11th Hour Project - 2007.

Sidewalk scene outside local cafes on East Broadway Street in Granville, Ohio. Photo shot for the’s 11th Hour Project – 2007.


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Sunrise - Totomai Martinez

Sunrise – Totomai Martinez

In waves
the sun tiptoes
and sinks into footprints
left in soft sand.

In a gull’s cry
echoes carry.
Lovers come together
on the strand.

Yesterday leaves
with the tide
to bring the future —
glistening footholds.

Tonight at the dVerse Poetics Mary is serving up the inspiring photography of Totomai Martinez. Come and join the fun and art.

This poem can now be found in The Unique & Sundry, which happens to be available on Amazon.

A Video for A Harmonica’s Verse

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Winter always has a reflective affect on me. In fact is probably has that affect on a lot of you too. I find that one subject I love to reflect on is family. As you you do right?

So I wanted to do something special to really put a face and a voice to “A Harmonica’s Verse” so I created this video poem. I hope you enjoy…

If you would like to read the poem click – A Harmonica’s Verse.


PAD 2014 – Dirt Roads and Forgotten Highways

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Day 21

Today’s prompt was to write a back to basics poem. I was also dreaming of a car ride out in the country.

dirt roads and highways

Dirt Roads and Forgotten Highways

She squeals, Road Trip!
Steering off the fancy paved
toll road we veer onto a path
few still travel.

Dark tar lines stretch
like veins for miles and miles.
The tires thump a baseline
our souls can put melody to.

Abandoned mills, family farms
and wooden fences
line the worn roads
the map marks as thin black lines.

Two lane roads
double yellow lines.
No fast lane
only No Passing signs

until the curves straighten
and the hills flatten. Enjoy
the view. Watch the hawks
ride the currents

and the hay stacks blur
against tender grasses.
In still ponds
the sky reflects.

Today we escape
the hustle — the bustle
back to basics
a halcyon country drive.

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