NaHaiWriMo: Day 20

Day 20 (White)

hot latte
white froth on my nose
soon snow falls

NaHaiWriMo: Day 19

Day 19 (Blue)

courting a spring fling
blue-boobies seaside romance
foot fetish for life

NaHaiWriMo: Day 18

Here are two for the day

Day 18 (Green)

a birthstone for spring
Irish eyes


above and below
crops and jade

NaHaiWriMo: Day 17

Well folks you can tell I fell off of the NaHaiWriMo wagon for of few days but I am back on and riding through haiku land.

Day 17 (Black)

black shadows
streaks on snowy ground
zebra stripes

NaHaiWriMo: Day 12

Day 12 (River)

drought on river banks sand rises

NaHaiWriMo: Day 11

Day 11 (The Woods)

winter day
leafless trees reveal
woodland secrets

NaHaiWriMo: Day 10

Day 10 (Garden)

sun lit rows
on the world’s garden