PAD 2014 – Waterfall

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Day 26

Today’s prompt was to write a water poem. As it has been rainy as of late the prompt was not hard to write. 🙂

It is also Open Link Night at the dVerse pub and Beth Winter is minding the bar. So pop on over and immerse yourself in some fine poetry.



A dark heavy sky releases
the warmth of spring.
Ripples explode across puddles
as droplets splash in.
A dogwood tousled
by the of wind
sleeps no more.
To join the poets hanging at the dVerse Pub #OLN. Beth is doing a fine job tending the bar.

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PAD 2014 – Before it is too Late

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Day 25

The prompt of the day was to write a last straw poem.

Before it is too Late

I’d like to make amends

      to all living things


      to the rivers and trees


    to the sky and the glens.

I offer a sincere apology

      for thoughtless words


      for neglectful deeds


    for the blind spots outside of me.

I seek mercy

      for dalliances left in disarray


      for excuses left to hold the blame


    for moments squandered in fury.

I ask for the grace

      to sing and dance as I please


      to strengthen life with poetry


    to offer diversity a commonplace.

All before it is too late.

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PAD 2014 – Tell it to the Lips

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Day 24

Today’s prompt “Tell it to the ____” . It is a rainy spring day here in KC which puts me in a romantic mood.

Tell It to the Lips

Say it in love’s voice.
Say it in a kiss, the shooting star
with a feather’s touch
tickling inside flesh.
The alchemy of lovers’ rituals.
A gentle breath, a union
of this moment
with yesterdays and tomorrows.
Speak your love
tell it to the lips
so my whole body knows.

PAD 2014 – A Place of Meditation

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Day 23

Today’s prompt is to write a location poem. I had a lot of fun with this prompt and sharing the metaphysical side of me.

A Place of Meditation

Deep breath in — I am
long exhale — Love
In — I am
Out — Love
In — silence
Out — thought
In the moment
out amid the universe.
In discovery — I am
out to the world — me.
In a state of being
outside limitations.
In my head dancing with light
outward my heart offers warmth.
In breath, I exist
out of vapor, I expand.

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PAD 2014 – Earth Half Full

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Day 22

Today’s prompt was to write an optimistic and/or a pessimistic poem.

earth half full

Earth Half Full

Signs of winter almost gone
trees no longer completely bare.
Buds and blooms dot the space
between branch and earth
as Nature watercolors
here and there.

White with pink frills
on a dogwood bloom
next to the magnolia tree.
Tulips bright yellow, orange,
and purple deep with the beauty
of the night.

A splash
of optimistic delight
comes to life
on this, only slightly chilly,
Earth Day night.

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PAD 2014 – Dirt Roads and Forgotten Highways

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Day 21

Today’s prompt was to write a back to basics poem. I was also dreaming of a car ride out in the country.

dirt roads and highways

Dirt Roads and Forgotten Highways

She squeals, Road Trip!
Steering off the fancy paved
toll road we veer onto a path
few still travel.

Dark tar lines stretch
like veins for miles and miles.
The tires thump a baseline
our souls can put melody to.

Abandoned mills, family farms
and wooden fences
line the worn roads
the map marks as thin black lines.

Two lane roads
double yellow lines.
No fast lane
only No Passing signs

until the curves straighten
and the hills flatten. Enjoy
the view. Watch the hawks
ride the currents

and the hay stacks blur
against tender grasses.
In still ponds
the sky reflects.

Today we escape
the hustle — the bustle
back to basics
a halcyon country drive.

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PAD 2014 – Family Quilt

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Day 20

Today’s prompt was to write a family poem.
Usually when I write poetry about my family it is about one member at a time. But I really wanted to write about the wholeness of family and in a universal way that many can identify with. I hope you enjoy this one and can feel the love I have for my own family.


Family Quilt

A constant
loud roar
of dysfunction
that functions.

rips out seams
a calico quilt
left in tatters.

nieces and nephews
patch the holes
to keep bitter cold
from settling in our hearts.

and triumphs together;
a golden tread
to stitch, strengthen
and bind our lives
into a definable whole

we call family.

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