PAD 2014 – Midnight Blue

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Day 19

Today’s prompt, pick a color, make the color the title of your poem, and then, write your poem.


Midnight Blue

A pearl suspended
in midnight blue.
A whisper
a glimmer
in love’s universe.

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PAD 2014- Storms

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Day 18

The prompt of the day was to write a weather poem.



Under a heavy grey lid
the rapid boil of spring
bubble and dance
a wintered earth — green.

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PAD 2014 – Pop Culture On Loan


Day 17

Today’s prompt to write a Pop Culture poem. Did you know it was also National Library Week? Yeah two lovers poetry and libraries uhmm I wonder what today’s poem will be? <smiles>


Pop Culture On Loan

This is not The Philosophy of Andy Warhol
or a Zombie Apocalypse.
Card catalogues, a thing of the past
you won’t need to crack The Da Vinci Code
to find Where the Girls Are
or understand what Feminism and Pop Culture
are about. You might try The Hunger Games
to understand all that, but don’t read it at Twilight
with the lights off, or Alone.
If music is more your thing
there is High Fidelity
though our LPs are now CDs and MP3s.
You’ll need a card to check out Steve Jobs,
but a membership to Fight Club
is not required. We won’t even mind
that you use a PC to play Candy Crush.
Remember in this Fast Food Nation
of Freakonomics
and Bossy Pants
there are always The Perks of Being a Wallflower
at your public library. The magic we want to see
in the stacks is Harry Potter the College Years.

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PAD 2014 – The Death of Poverty

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Day 16

Today’s prompt to write a elegy. I decided to write about something I wish would die – Poverty


The Death of Poverty

Rulers have come and gone
that worshipped the way
you brought the poor to their knees.
So many tears shed in your name.

You taught us well,
with bloated bellies
hung on tiny brittle bones
to look with our eyes
and open our hearts.

Now that you have passed
I cannot honestly say I’m sad.
In fact for you, I hope
there is no resurrection day.

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PAD 2014 – If I Were a Love Poem

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Day 15

Today’s prompt was to write a love or anti-love poem.

I had so much fun with yesterday prompt I decided to make double my pleasure so to speak pulling both prompts together.


If I Were a Love Poem

I would woo you
to keep you warm all night
dreaming of things we could do
bodies so close
breath held tight
nothing concealed
or untried.

I would have you wanting
as you tasted my words on your lips.
Your radiant smile
forever held in my stanzas
your sigh —
line breaks
setting our passion
to the right pace.

Faithful to the arousal
of words you read me
and again
vows of rapture
phonetic ecstasy
you might even share me
if I were a love poem.

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This poem is featured in the anthology She Too: Four Voices in (Almost) Harmony

PAD 2014 – If I Were the Moon

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Day 14

The prompt day was to write a poem finishing the title If I Were ____


If I Were the Moon

I would hear the whispers of lovers
and keep secrets safe.

I would light up the stars
so the lost would never lose their place.

I would comfort the lonely
with moonbeams dancing through trees.

Absolute darkness would not blind
the heart to beauty yet to be seen.

I would hold the tide
before I let you drown.

I would light a path throughout the night
so answers to prayers could be found.

I would inspire your dreams
then give you the sun.

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PAD 2014 – An Owl in Love with a Deer

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Day 13

Check it out people I am almost caught up. Soon the date will match the day. Yippeee!

The prompt of the day was to write about an animal or your animal spirit, imaginary points (think Who’s Line is it Anyway) are given to those who write said poem as a sestina. Up for the challenge I did a little research on animal spirits so I could find mine. Or at least a loose idea of what mine might be. As a result a took a quiz and used generalizations from this website. To hear the call of a Great-horned owl click here. I hope you enjoy reading this poem as much as I enjoyed creating it.


An Owl in Love with a Deer

Oh me, I’m an owl.
I sleep at night so I can follow a deer.
Don’t worry, I still have my insight.
That is how I found her sheltered grace.
There was a spark full of magic
right from the start, my heart had the wisdom

not to hesitate. I’m born with this wisdom
being an owl.
One look and I saw the magic
in her doe eyes and thought: “Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo dear!”
A thousand winks I would miss, just to see her golden grace.
My feathers all ruffled with the desire she incites.

So lucky I am to have this great insight
this intuitive wisdom
to know change has it’s grace.
The mysteries of life are shown to an owl
just as tenderness and tenacity are known of the deer.
Besides, her eyes cast a spell — magic

it was — truly and indeed magic.
Her agile and vigilant insight,
common of a deer,
gave her the wisdom
that something was a foot with this goofy owl.
But she showed the grace

not to laugh as I swhoo-hoo-hoo-hoon in her grace.
Maybe, just maybe she felt some magic
for this birdbrained Great-horned owl.
We both have the insight
and the wisdom
to know the transitions will be fierce for an owl and her deer.

But what does it matter if an owl loves a deer.
Love is grace
and life is for wisdom.
It is passion and magic
that makes insight
and devotion true for an owl

for me, and even you. Together owl and deer
inspire insight with grace
as they frolic in a world of magic and gentle wisdom.

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