PAD 2014 – City of Fountains

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Day 12

Today’s prompt was to write a city poem.


City of Fountains

Every winter they turned off
not to become frothy mounds of fluffed ice.
Fountain Day, a community sign of spring
when all the fountains come to life again.

Waters leap high in the air
or flow rippled cascades.
On Opening Day the fountains gush Royal blue.
For Breast Cancer Week
fountains emit pink.

There are mermaids and warriors;
delicate nudes, even a muse.
Memorials to Nichols and Bloch
and Firefighters too.

The City of Fountains
falls short only to Rome.
With bubbling gurgles for children to play
the fountains are art in wet sprays.
Just a few of the reasons to call
Kansas City home.

Kansas City is a place I am proud to call home though our city is not without flaws. My heart goes out to the witnesses, victims, and families suffering after the heartless attacks at the Jewish Community Center and the Village Shalom. I hope that instead of loosing faith in our KC community, you feel the love and support that surrounds you.

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PAD 2014 – A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

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Day 11

The prompt today was to write a statement as the title and let the poem expand or finish the statement.


A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

The moon hangs high
and the slumbering sun flips over
smiling at the earth’s other side.
There’s no time to waste
the train’s on time and we are late.
Grab your bag
don’t hesitate.
Just over there the sun swims
in a crystal lake.
Tomorrow lies ahead
and my love won’t end.
Your dreams await
beyond the garden gate
where you can ride the moon
and kiss the stars.
It does’t all make sense, that’s true
but dreams rarely do.

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PAD 2014 – Signs of the Future


Day 10

Today’s prompt was to write a future poem. So naturally I wrote about things I want to see in the future…


Signs of the Future

Doomsday believers
with placards and cardboard signs
that read:

The End is Near!
The End is Here!
Jesus is Coming!

The letters bold and red
carry the weight of despair.
No Hallelujahs to inspire lips
starve the spirit.

Around the corner
draped over youthful shoulders
her sign reads
The Future is NOW!

In that moment
past, present, and future unite.
It is now the future
Let the signs read:

Abundance Thrives!
Gratitude Lives!
We are, the saviors we need!

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PAD 2014 – Safe Havens


Day 9
Todays prompt to write a shelter poem.


Safe Havens

A bunny tucks butt to trunk
under a cedar’s fur
a bristled cloak.

Green shoots grow
under a magnolia tree
a pink and white canopy.

In a small quaint house
under large oaks trees
your love shelters me.

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PAD 2014 – River Ends


Day 8

Today’s prompt as it was Tuesday had two prompts: write a violent and/or a peaceful poem.


River Ends

From the head it rages down
moving earth reflecting sky.
It pushes and shoves
in rumbles and roars.
A violent lullaby.

Swift current rushes
around that which refuses
to move. Never looking back
never to return
as time passes by.

At the river’s end
an artist paints
a skimming dragon fly
above a placid pan
that reflects the sky.

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PAD 2014 – A Photomontage of Me


Day 7

Today’s prompt to write a self-portrait poem. Now you get to see apart of the cyborg within.

Hannah Hoch "Beautiful Girl" ca 1920

Hannah Hoch “Beautiful Girl” ca 1920

A Photomontage of Me

Scissors and glue
maybe a canvas or two.
The self cannot be seen
without a montage of all things.
I think Hannah Höch believed this as true.

Industry and war
though these might be one in the same.

Baby dolls and childish things,
for me it was Mrs. Beasley and sock monkeys.

Bicycle rides in the middle of the night
when a nine year old’s dreams would wake
her from sleep to fret about bumps in the night
and men with hairy chins. Never once thinking
she put herself out there for him.

The suffocating silence to discover
difference is not all it is cracked up to be.
The ill fitting mask I wore made it hard to see
the worth of me. Charlie had his angels
but what to make of me?

I am more like Hannah Höch’s “Beautiful Girl”
bits and bobs cut out and removed
from an origin or place. Redesigned by another
defined and explained by a society. Always looking
for a museum wall to swing from.

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PAD 2014 – My Knight in Teddy Bear PJ’s


Day 6

Today’s prompt was to write a night poem. Usually any excuse to write about the moon would spur my poetic heart. But after spend a few days with my wonderful family: siblings, nieces, and nephews I could not resist the chance to write about My Knight…


My Knight in Teddy Bear PJ’s

He announces
his name is Frodo
though I can stay Aunt Delaina.
Wielding a sword in the air
he shouts
“Look out
behind you.”
With practiced moves
and confidence
he skillfully rescues me
time and time again
from a peril only he can see.
I thank him
though he does not understand
he frees my heart
with his innocent grin.

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