PAD 2014 – Found


Day 5

The prompt today was to write a discovery poem. Since we here in the States know that the best discoveries are the ones that have already been found, I could not resist writing a discovery poem about something we see every day but it’s existence takes us by surprise.



It was hanging about
for anyone to see
but no one seemed to notice
it was even there.

Despite the chatter
and the sonnets
the words seem to fall
upon deaf ears.

Until a hand outstretched
fingers narrow took hold
pulling the fallen to their feet.
Or fingers wide that broke the fall.

A handshake, the touch
enough to fill a spirit with hope
add some bills to an empty palm
and watch the wealth roll in.

A kiss upon a scraped knee
a hug sheltering a wounded heart
a cool cloth placed upon the bruised
the battered but not never beaten.

Once it’s discovery was made
it could be seen everywhere
to those that took the time to see
past the hate, past the fear

to the light that burns so bright
in our eyes. The passion to survive
is the same we give each other to thrive.
The discovery that love is well and alive.

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PAD 2014 – Since I Said Yes


Day 4

Today’s prompt was to write a Since____ Poem. So of course it had to be this….


Since I Said Yes

The orange cones of marriage laws
have changed from road closed
to ‘road work ahead.’

A rainbow of crystals sparkle
from my second finger in
next to the sentimental band from our fifth.

Support weeps
a sap to sweeten
bitter blows of the past.

Hearts of family and friends reveal
they have been our corner for years
cheering us more than our visions dared.

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PAD 2014 – A Text from My Soul


Day Three

Today’s prompt was to write a message poem.

I automatically thought of my nieces and nephews and all the things I want to tell them but never seem to find the way. The best way to talk to the older ones of the group is by texting them so here we go.

A Text from My Soul

Because you may not hear me
or even see me and before the verb “text,”
becomes obsolete
there are a few things I wish you to know.

The bullies at school are scared
same as you. It’s not an excuse
it is simply the truth. They see nowhere to turn
so they turn on you. It is nothing to do with you.

The beauty and beast are real
they are parts of us that make the whole.
Whether you are boy, girl, or somewhere in-between
there is beauty in you and a beast that deserves love.

Adults are not always right
as you pointed out the other night.
But their wisdom is hard fought, same as yours.
Listen, then let your soul be your guide.

Believe in yourself and honor your life
it is too fragile to take for granted. Find value
in all things, especially things different from you.
Diversity strengthens an enlightened mind.

Above the chatter that you hear and fear
you own my love. Wear it as armor
to cover to your chest so the insults of bullies
fall limp and love can grow and heal.

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PAD 2014 – Passage


Day 2 of PAD. The daily prompt was to write a voyage poem.



Oh what a ride. A full whirlwind!
Our journey together.
Compass in hand we traverse
prairie fields, desert hills,
even gardens of the world.
Side by side we wiggle through
retaining walls to define our married life.
One decade becoming two
our knot finally recognized.

From the airplane window we watch
the earth move and we feel change.
A virgin voyage some might say
though we return each year
feels different. Open eyes and arms wait
to pull us in, pull us close
to avow our love
to celebrate
the completion of us.

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PAD 2014 – Starts


Hello April, National Poetry Month, and all of you it is day one of Poem-A-Day. Let’s have some poetry fun, what do you say!

Today had two prompts 1. write a beginning poem 2. write an ending poem or mix the two.



Spring a closer of sorts
heralding winter’s end
with robin trills and daffodils.
While dormant yellows brighten
to tiny shoots of green.
Lusterless frost turns to dew
tiny buds turn to blooms.

From the mound
a pitch is thrown
Cheers rain down
a diamond field.
Pop flies and Cracker Jacks
it’s Opening Day!


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