PAD Day 5 – New Potatoes and Peas

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New Potatoes and Peas


Her hands caked with dark mud
from digging tiny potatoes
and placing them in a bucket.
“Hey little one!”
“You’re suppose to be pick’n
not eat’n those peas.” Mom would tease.
They were so sweet like that
just off the vine. Pod and all
would find a way to my mouth
before falling into the apron. They tasted like spring.
Totally different than they would
once they were thrown in the pot.
I would sneak a few more knowing
she knew I would.


Carrying potatoes and peas to the kitchen
her eyes lit-up at the thought of dinner.
I never understood why we only ate the pea
or the need for the milky broth
bathing both potato and pea.
It brought her delight and most
seemed to agree. But for me
the excitement came as the knife revealed
the brilliant white flesh under the potato’s dark red skin.
I would steal a few quarters as they came away
from the blade. They tasted like the soil — smells
minerals and history.
You know how history smells, like dust
blown from your grandfather’s favorite book
that was on the shelf too long. And spring,
it smells like spring and new potatoes and peas.

PAD Day 4 – Letting Go

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Letting Go


At the platform
an empty hand waves.
All of the fears —
‘not good enough’
and the doubts —
‘you fool’
folded neatly
placed with care
in a bag with hard sides.
Zipper lock clicked, secure storage.
The train pulls away
I’m left behind — now free.

PAD – Day 3 Depth of Field

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Depth of Field

You fit in my hand
and stand out in a crowd.
With a slight flick of my thumb
you come to life in my palm.
One dial pushed to the left you open full
ready to take in every delicate detail
the subject has to bare.
A turn to the right your focus becomes tight.
My excitement hard to contain
with the lunar peep show you bring me.
Pressure light then firm
we capture moments for eternity.


PAD – Day 2: Behind the Silence

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Behind the Silence

You live in a world full
of actions and delights.
We know, we can see
your eyes light up from within
we watch as your face folds
into different expressions.
Bursts of emotion escape
your otherwise silent lips.
We learn your sounds
have little to do with us.
You hold the world you play in,
delight in — a secret.
A private joke between you and the universe
only acknowledging the outside world
to fulfill survival needs, food and drink.
Anchored to the wait,
our heavy hearts standby
for an occasional snuggle
when your sensory needs demand
the weight of a hug.
Autism Speaks Light It Up Blue

PAD – Day 1 Crossing Lines

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Crossing Lines

(Inspired by the Kansas City Repertory Theatre’s HAIR: Retrospection)

Minds set in metronome fashion that tick
off our tock.
Balance dangles in a web of resistance and clash.
Defining humanity
in skin tones and genitals
scar tissue thick
across the muscles of society.

Hey Doc with your reality repellent drugs
we are in battle with our surroundings.
War beaches on our shorelines
over oceans and picket lines.
Spoon fed fears, our souls are dying
in someone’s fascination of war.
Nothing left to do but shout


From this bloody sea
where we paddle like dogs.