Natural Reflections

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We are hanging at the dVerse pub tonight with Grace writing Ecopoetry. Join the fun and explore your organic connections.

Natural Reflections

I stand facing the sun that winter chills
an icy tempest lifts stands of my hair
and slaps my cheeks.
Nature and I catch our breath
in our joint hibernation and meditation.

I prefer spring’s dramatic winds
and autumn’s colorful flare
to summer’s feverish wrath
and winter’s neglectful blight.
Our nature is to thrive unconditionally.

The tree needs our breath
bartering it’s shade and heat.
I understand I am no more important
than the yellow in a Flicker’s tail
no more worthy than the ant.

Though my shoe is small
my footprint is larger than most.
So great the responsibilities,
the bond between inhabitants
to take the rough with the smooth.

Flicker Fan

World Series Game 5 Limerick

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Congrats! World Series Champions – Kansas City Royals!


World Series Game 4 Limerick

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The baseball fun continues with World Series limericks.


World Series Game 3 Limerick

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Even if we lose
we cannot be beat!


World Series Game 2 Limerick

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Fantastic game Kansas City Royals!
2 & 0


World Series Game 1 Limerick

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For our Kansas City Royals!