Hello world

As Tony Robbins would say “today is someday.” Meaning that we put things off saying someday I will get to it. Well world…today is my someday.

I sit here in my not so quiet rage disturbed by the hatred and disrespect that we as human beings seem to share for each other. Today is the day is my “someday.” Fear has always gripped at my hands stifling my voice. But I will no longer by silenced by my fears that my words are not good enough. I will no longer be afraid to speak the emotion that I feel. Life is short and in my opinion we spend far to much of our short lives speaking ill, participating in mean humor, and hurting or worse killing each other.

You may ask… if you find this blog floating around in cyberspace…Why now?…What of all of the horrible things that have happened since her birth why now does she speak?

Well to be completely honest it was not one event. Rather it was the build-up. The build-up of anger, of frustration, of disappointment in me, in you, in all of us that make up the society that I live in as well as the global society that we all live in.

Yes there was an event that happened today that provoked my action. To use the expression “the straw that broke the camel’s back” it was the news stories on the Nightly News (NBC) [7-9-09] that broke my heart. Again it was not just tonight’s stories but they were the last straw my quiet soul could take.

Why now… because I expect more. I expect more from myself. I expect more from my society. I expect more nation. I expect more from the world. I expect more from you, from us.

HINT:The division of us/them is unachievable, unhelpful, and suicidal . Until we recognize that the us/them organization of the world is disastrous, we will never be whole as a species.

So do not mistake this anger, this frustration, this disappointment as a war of words. It is my plea for humanity to wake-up. To do better. To behave better. After all in societies we count on each other to play by the rules that is why we set boundaries. These boundaries are set to build trust but not to strip the basic ideals of freedom away from each other.

Whether you are rich or poor or any income bracket in between. Whether you are black or white or any spectrum of color in between, I hope you read this blog.It will not be perfect. I am not perfect. But I am passionate that the world we live in would be a better place if we all practiced showing each other more respect and valued human life a little more.