Christmas Eve


Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve

we would all take turns reading

touching narratives, whilst drinking

Sleepy-time tea.


The air filled with aromas of

Popcorn-balls, cookies, and chocolate.

My mouth watering, for my mother’s double layer fudge.


Our voices caroling of jiggling bells.

My father’s sweet tenor voice giving his all,

made our simple home sounded like a grand music hall,



The nine personalized stockings

my mother made, lay empty

on the back of the couch in waiting.


The brilliant-flickering lights hung

from a present laden tree. The packages

bright, as if they were enchanted.


The magic was in my heart.

All around me, my family,

Singing, laughing, rejoicing


In the greatest gifts of all,

family, love, and life.

Who needed gold, frankincense and

myrrh (whatever those were.)



May the seasons of life be forever bright and merry.


Christmas Eve f by delainamiller