Father’s Day Poems

Some poems I wrote in honor of Father’s Day 2012


My own father was a man
of many laughs and tears.


Full of guarded passions
was that man,
at least to a child’s eye


It is of very little wonder where
I gained my poetic heart.


He would sing in his
sweet tenor voice. Just the memory
brings a tear to my eye.


Oh how I love that man.
I would shadow him anywhere, if he let me.


From the shadows I learned
as his talented hands built
family, and literally, our homes.


Today I type poetry from a house
I remade into a home.


Oh miss him the sight of him.
Though his soul remains guarded
in my heart.


We are never far apart
as I carry my memories of him


like metals, some hard won.
But mine to take out and polish
on a Father’s Day, like this one.


Hiding Ourselves Away

I wish my dad knew
I wrote poetry.


It would have been nice
to share that piece of me
with him.


Afraid of his judgment
I hid myself away
in his tool box.


I thought he would
find me


I did not realize the sharpness
of that chisel’s end


That caused him to only see
the edges of me that mistakenly cut
him as I tried to wiggle free of his grasp.


Hiding ourselves away…
in hopes of self-preservation
we lose the chance to live.


I wish I knew
my Dad wrote too.


This only discovered
after he was gone. It would have
been nice, for each to know,


we shared this too.
Maybe then I would have locked
myself in his pencil box instead.


The pencils unsharpened,
but posed to create.
Our stories might be different


had we not
hid ourselves away.


Now concerned my vocalized
voice will cause more pain…
I fret over words and tones.


I hide new parts of me away
as they scream for their liberation
I try to temper their edges before their release.


As I am now, afraid
to hide myself away.


Dad By Any Other Name

I have called you Dad
for seventeen years
though biologically
there are no ties.


At first I called you Dad
in hopes that you could find some
love for me, for your daughter’s sake
when love found us.


Then I called you Dad
because mine was gone,
and I needed someone to
that would talk reason to me


It was at that moment I called you Dad
because you were there
for me
when I wanted to throw in the towel.


Along the way I have called you Dad
because of all that you have done
and given me,
which includes the world, one trip at a time.


Today I call you Dad
because to me
you are…
my Dad by any other name.

6 replies
  1. Nancy Hatch
    Nancy Hatch says:

    Oh, my goodness..
    Those poems are MOST thrilling..
    You are releasing your self one poem at a time.. cautiously..
    Are the really STRONG emotional poems in a lock box somewhere?
    I hope there is a collection of them, too..
    How wonderful it is to know you..
    Kristin is an angel.
    xxoo, M

    • Delaina
      Delaina says:

      Thank you Nancy/Mom;

      The “lock box” is in my heart, the poems are released when my soul is ready to set them free.

      Thank you for your love and support,

    • Delaina
      Delaina says:

      Hello Rosemary;

      Yes these poems were demanding that I give them a good airing. Thank you for your kind complements and for mentoring me through this fantastic poetic journey.


  2. Melissa
    Melissa says:

    Hi Delaina,

    I am a little late as usual. Trying not to cry after reading
    the poems as I am sitting in a public place. I loved them they are beautiful and
    telling. Makes me think about how many times I keep myself guarded.


    • Delaina
      Delaina says:

      Melissa, I love you. I am so honored that my poem touched you and that you can identify with it to some extent.

      I hope we can all live a less guarded and more fully.


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