For Da

For Da

Five years ago today
you left this earth,
this dimension,
you, we cannot see.

Yet your voice echoes
in our minds, your love,
in our hearts;
your passions deposited
in the souls of your children.

To this day a song
sung with barbershop flare,
from some musical we watched,
or just one you loved,
reminds me of you and what we share.

A saying you had
“If the truth be told”
found in a store,
a board game now,
I almost bought…

Your life evident in:
the ripples you left behind,
the song in my heart,
your seven kids, seven grandkids,
and there is more.

Though cancer took you,
early, from our arms,
love is where it all began, and
love for you will never end.

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  1. Unknown
    Unknown says:

    Just beautiful, Delaina. Makes me want to hug my dad and rejoice in the fact that he's still with us. Can't imagine a day when that's not true. So, hugs to you, too.

  2. Unknown
    Unknown says:

    Unknown is me, by the way. I'll never get the hang of commenting, but I talk too much anyway! 😉


  3. Miller Family
    Miller Family says:

    With tears in my eyes from reading your beautiful poem, i thank you for amazing expression of love and loss.

  4. DandKblog
    DandKblog says:

    Leigh and Golda thank you.

    Leigh – tell your Dad you love him often. I did not not tell my Dad enough. I just hope he knew before he was gone.

    Golda – I am so grateful that you fell for Jake and became a part of our family. I honestly cannot imagine how empty our lives would be without you.

    I love you both,

  5. DandKblog
    DandKblog says:

    Thank you Judi.
    I hope you are having fun at your new job, and that you had a good "Turkey Day."

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