For International Day for the Eradication of Poverty 2012

The Eradication of Poverty

Is one day enough
to chase away poverty’s demons?

Is one day enough
to empower the world’s poor?

Is one day enough
to build peace when we budget war?

Is one day of dialogue, one day to
spin the wheel of abundance enough?

One day to say “That’s it!
Enough of the violence
that poverty reaps”.

Enough of the scarcity
when our shores are rich with ideals.

Enough of the deficiency
when our gardens are ripe for harvest.

Enough of the paucity
when we can feast upon prosperity.

Enough of the hardship
when there are dreams to nurture.

Enough! There is enough
empowerment for all to harvest.

There is a bountiful wealth
to be sown and secured.

There is enough for all
to rise from poverty’s grip
and obtain emancipation.

One day is enough
to chase away poverty’s demons.

© Delaina J Miller 2012