They are the gifts we give ourselves.
It is because of them we take initiatives.

They are the light at adark and lonely tunnel’s end.
That is why we call them friend.

They pull us up when we are down.
It is because of this, we wish for them to never frown.

They push us forward when we are afraid.
That is why, for them, our love and trust braid.

They expect nothing less than our best.
It is because of this that we are blessed.

They offer us their selves and expect the same.
That is why, from them, we cannot refrain.

They have faith and, in us,believe.
This is why, to them, we cleave.

They are an endless smile for our incessant tears.
That is why we merit their cares.

They come and, yes, they may go.
It is because of their love, we grow.

They are our friends without an end.
That is why we all transcend.
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  1. Miller Family
    Miller Family says:

    Beautiful! I wish I could better express the lovely poem you chose to share but I am not much of a writer so just trust me that it is wonderful and I cherish the words.

  2. Judith Alamia
    Judith Alamia says:

    This is a wonderful, uplifting poem — I am always cheered by your love and optimism, which is so rare and beautiful to see in this world. It is an honor to be your friend.

  3. DandKblog
    DandKblog says:

    Thanks Everyone;
    For you love, support and kind words.

    I feel very lucky to have you all as friends.

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