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It’s what we do
there is no point in denying
some under a geographic flag
some beneath religious signs.

We stand linking arms on specific sides
of political and picket lines.
Even our tongues speak
in tones and clicks
yoked in culture and history.

It’s our destiny to gather —
to know the heat of the sun
to dream in the glow of the moon.
We see the magic of a rainbow
arcing colors between the ground we stand
and the clouds where our heads are found.

Written for PoetsUnited – Midweek Motif 




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  1. HA
    HA says:

    We are fragmented in a lot many ways. We stand under the banners of nations and religions. But in the end, we are indeed united in our wonders and dreams. Very well-penned.

  2. Sherry Blue Sky
    Sherry Blue Sky says:

    Delaina, so nice to see you here. I love your ideas on fusion and unity……..I especially enjoyed your last stanza, gathering in the heat of the sun, dreaming under the moon…….rooted in the ground, heads in the clouds.

  3. Myrna
    Myrna says:

    What a beautiful poem you’ve written Delaina. I love the unity you describe. At bottom, we’re all humans seeking a little happiness. Wish we could admit to this and let there be peace.

  4. X
    X says:

    I wonder though if those flags, beliefs, causes – cause as much dis-unity as they do unity.
    because we often see them as us against them scenarios. If you are for something
    you are obviously against its opposite. I wonder if there is a way we can still
    appreciate those differences and rise above them as well to find a common unity.

  5. Mary
    Mary says:

    I like your poem a lot, Delaina. I do think that it is so true that humans always find a way to unify. I guess it is human nature to find some kind of similarity…whether it be political, religious, economical, racial, by age, by sex, by language. I don’t think unifying in this way is bad; but unifying also should not entail exclusivity….

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