Gifts Found In Life

Gifts Found In Life

(Another poem for Judy, one I think she would have liked)


Life in all its splendor

puts our hearts in a blender

mixing our souls

so that we can find wonder.


To have lived and seen it all

is a gift in and of itself. Yet

life’s gift is so much more.


It is the song of Cactus Wren,

the sun’s rebirth and its

lightshow as it sets.


It is a resurgence of life seen

in a flower’s springtime bloom.

Or the of the grief of an Autumn

leaf that becomes a winter home.


All of this, a gift

given because we live.


We come into living,

one by one, creating a paradise

through the gifts we bring –


our light, our laughter our love.

We share in life as we love,

and love some more.


When storms roll in we see

beauty in what they bring

and what they leave behind.


We marvel in their power

and ponder how we relate.


A chance to live,

to breath,

to love.


To cherish all that life offers

in all its various forms. Us knowing

too soon the autumn leaf will shelter,


us as we rest, to bloom again

…inside the hearts of those that loved

us for the gifts our life brought them.


©Delaina Miller February 4, 2012

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  1. Golda
    Golda says:

    Another beautiful poem. I feel so much of your life, spirit and emotion as I read these. You have an amazing gift.


    • Delaina
      Delaina says:

      Thank you Golda;

      You are so wonderful. I am glad to hear that so much of me came through these poems. Thank you for your kind words, support, and love.

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