Grateful Gatherings

Grateful Gatherings

Gather family, gather friends…
We gather to savor culinary delights,
While the grateful heart has its spiritual fill.

I am grateful for comforts,
Both large and small alike.

I am grateful for an airplane’s ability
To shorten distances between here and there.

I am grateful for oceans, as they fill voids
And gaps, both far and near.

I am grateful for my partner;
Who instills in me, beyond love, serenity.

I am grateful for my family;
Scattered as we may be, love holds us in perpetuity.

I am grateful for my friends;
Diverse in life and united by our empathies.

I am grateful for our evolutions;
Our discoveries, and our enlightenments.

I am grateful for our adaptabilities,
To change our  perceptions and our destinies.

All of this and more,
Gathers all – hearth and home –
In my grateful heart, in my grateful soul.
Written by Delaina Miller 11/23/2011
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  1. Miller Family
    Miller Family says:

    Probably one of the most perfect and wonderful things I have ever read honoring Thanksgiving and being grateful!!!

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