Gratitude’s Banquet

Happy Thanksgiving & Gratitude Day


Gratitude’s Banquet

Abundance satiates the table
with gratitude’s banquet set
before us nourishing our hearts.

Sage and allspice infusing the home
eager hands sneaking a pinch
of pie crust cooling on the rack.

The space between the walls
abound with voices growing louder
broadcasting our year in review.

Giggles and squeals echo down the hall
from games in full play and the enchanting
ginger-houses laden with sweets.

Draped and decorated in its finest
our table stands symbolic
center stage.

Candle flames bring
those living in our hearts
to the surface of our souls.

Glasses clink over plates filled
with love and gratitude.
We devour both, with each morsel.


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    • Delaina
      Delaina says:

      Thank you Sheryl;

      We hope three have a fantastic day as well. We made paella the other night and thought you. The warm memories of sharing this dish with you satisfied us more than the food.

      Thank you for your constant friendship.
      With love,

  1. Mom
    Mom says:

    Oh, that is so nice.. Please bring a copy to read for our dinner.
    Love and Hugs, The Master Chef and her side kick..

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