Have We No Better Way?

Have We No Better Way?

(For the People of Kandahar)


Today my heart is heavy

With loss.


But please, don’t send

your condolences to me –


send it to the world

send it to each other.


So many spirits lost in disasters

and negligence shake our globe.


Yet we kill

in the vanity of war?


Evolved as a species

We stand upright.


Yet we cause each other

to fall?


We accept responsibilities

for our planet and other living things.


Yet we fail to see

our affects on others?


We speak many languages

and use the Web to make “friends.”


Yet our words fail

to establish empathic bonds?


We have created a

code of values.


But slay in the name of a God,

greed, hate, and fear…?


We are all human

from the same DNA.


Yet in the guise of difference

We fill our lives with carnage?


Is it insanity?

Have we no better way?



Could we not stand taller

if not weighted down with weapons?


Could we not live our morals

better, without greed, hate, and fear?


There is enough death in this world

we can stop killing and heal.

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  1. Golda
    Golda says:

    I wish more could read this. You have created the words that should be expressed over and over in the wake of such acts as well as helping people understand that all the hate, war and violence need to end.

    • Delaina
      Delaina says:

      Hello Golda;
      Thank you for your support!

      I did also share the poem and the haiku on FB and within my groups. So many of my FB friends live in the the Middle East and I fear and care for them. We live in a global world no longer can we have live as though our communities are flat with edges that separate us. We are all one in humanity.

      Thanks again,

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