In Life A Haiku

In Life


Time and people pass

Among our hearts, souls, and minds

Kindness is their gift


Mankind’s treasure chest

During sorrows and triumphs

In Winters and Springs


In Life our shared vow

Is compassion endowed

A good gift to bring.


2 replies
  1. Mom 2
    Mom 2 says:

    How about changing mankind to human kind??
    You are so talented.
    Your poetry is so deep..
    Love it..

    • Delaina
      Delaina says:

      Thank you;

      “Humankind is a good suggestion but it has one too many syllables to be a true haiku.
      Other options I thought of were, human’s or people’s, but I did not like the flow of these words as much.
      I will consider changing the word.

      Thank you.
      Love you,

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