International Women’s Day 2012

International Women’s Day 2012


We dance on the ocean’s shores

celebrating the birth of the moon.


Unwavering from the darkness

we create change that enlightens.


With strength beyond continental coasts

or landlocked borders

striving for freedoms

we create new life on our terms.


Many of us full of a passion for existence

that transcends the power of just one life,

pushing for our rights,

we create a larger world.


Empowered, we evolve

beyond external limitations.


Forming global communities

we create bedrocks for societies.


We stand united in gender yet

mixed in our definitions

yearning to hear our voices

we create our own lives.


Many times we cultivate the world

we shelter the weak while

aching for our own haven,

we create our worldly dreams.


We are women

diverse in everything.


Labeled as one.

Today is our recognition day!