I’m quite please with how this poem turned out.

I do stray from proper grammar with this one. The only capitalization is in the first line and punctuation is almost nonexistent. I did this on purpose. I wanted the poem to have a stream of conscious feel so that the flow of thought becomes the subject of the journey.

I hope that you can read the poem and travel the journey of thought with me while enjoying the images along the way.

Thanks for reading,

Curious Journey

‘You are Here’
the star says
but where is here

what does it mean – to be
what is the difference
of me
between there
and here

would the sun be warmer
if my place was there
would the moon be brighter
if I was elsewhere
is my vision so blind
from here

can’t I see beyond
the dot of me

to landscapes of hearts unknown
and hold the faith of flowers and bees
though I stand deep in white winter snow
or dream of brilliant things like peace
among the chaos
that shakes my knees

From this place I cannot see
the ocean’s everlasting pace
still, I know its buoyant embrace.

©2018 Delaina J Miller

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