Mindful Writing Challenge

This year I am participating in the Mindful Writing Challenge

I have set some real challenges up for myself in 2013. One starts in January with the Mindful Writing Challenge. I will be writing and sharing a “small stone” as they call them everyday in January.

Beyond the Mindful Writing Challenge a friend (Helen) and I have made a pact to submit our written works weekly to various journals, contests, and the like. Yes that is 52! Wish us luck and fortune. 🙂 Who knows there may even be a chapbook this year. Fingers crossed, big toe stood on, and what ever else it takes (no rabbits feet though I don’t think death needs to be involve in my luck.)

On a slightly different note…

It is almost New Years Eve and I thought what better way to start the year then promoting love and compassion. So I am making my #luvgrams: Love & Words of Encouragement in Tweets e-book free (Yes FREE!) the 31st and the 1st. If you have not picked up your copy, now is your chance. Or if you got a brand new Kindle for Christmas you can add this heartfelt e-book to your shelves.

Thank you for reading and Happy New Year!