National Poetry Month – Roots

National Poetry Month means there are a bevy of poetry challenges and prompts to write a poem a day from.

If you have been following me for a while you know that the anthology She Too: Four Voices in (Almost) Harmony’s conception came from the Writer’s Digest – Poem A Day challenge of 2014.

Last year I did the same challenge during the month of April and many of those poems as well as poems I wrote during International Poetry Month (October 2014) are now published in The Unique & Sundry.

Needless to say these poetry challenges have proven profitable to say the least. Plus these challenges are a lot of fun. My poetic muse enjoys the tripping the ‘word’ fantastic with these challenges.

This year I am having even more fun with the challenges….

Instead of staying loyal to just one challenger be it Writer’s Digest, #NaPoWriMo, or Found Poetry Review, I am following all three challenges. Now that is not to say that I am writing three poems a day, rather I am looking at all three and letting my muse choose the one write for. In fact Monday (April 4th), I felt inspired to use #MondayMotivation as my prompt instead.

It was been great fun so far.

Today’s poem came from The Writer’s Digest Challenge — #aprpad. The challenge was to write an ekphrastic poem. You know I could not pass that up. Robert Lee Brewer said we could choose our favorite work of art or use one of the three he gave us. The choices were Michelangelo’s – First Painting; Frida Kahlo’s “Roots;” and Alfons Mucha’s “Age of Love.” I of course needed to look no further with Kahlo as part of the mix. So here is my contribution….


Frida Kahlo “Roots” courtesy of Writer’s Digest post

Tied to land
bound to soil
the hope to grow
to sprout
to rise above
what we were yesterday
planting ourselves in tomorrow
with promises of fruit
from labors โ€” or soul
before we return back to seed.

This poem was written for the #aprpad challenge and is subject to change as it has not undergone brutal editing as of yet. ๐Ÿ˜‰