Today I feel
the tilt of the earth
sloping down just a bit
to the left and center.

I wonder what it all means
to walk lopsided all day
in our downtrodden world
browbeating others.

My heart wants to float
just above the skew
not away from them
but not so near.

Their sights only on heaven
they cannot hear the cries
of the needy they ignore
to praise their God.

Though their God is
among them, is them, they
lock their sights on the sky
and worship perfection.


The weight of gravity
keeps us all secured
to an earth they dismiss
because of its imperfections.

They fear association
with the unsatisfactory
not wanting to be seen
in the same harsh light they cast.

They search the stars
for a brilliance they can
surround themselves
without understanding the light.

Not realizing they taint the light
with the touch of their judgment.
They alter existence not with divine
power but through human fumbles.

Together we stand upon
our tilted earth
sloped and tottering through
the gravity of our existence.


© Delaina Miller 2012