On the Shorelines of Souls

Thinking of you Dad…

On the Shorelines of Souls

Birth brings new chance and possibilities;
a phoenix rising from ashes.

Human experience is the amber
evolved from our volcanic plumes.

From our core – the soul’s tectonic plates, pushing
us to mountains heights, dropping us to valley lows.

In death’s atmosphere, we fossilize; laminated
impressions on the souls we leave behind.

Fossils of souls embossed on humanity’s landscape
proof of the existence of life and love.

On mortality’s shore, waves churn our souls
into portable pebbles for hearts to carry.

From the shores of existence we are
a phoenix rising from ashes.

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  1. Daydreamertoo
    Daydreamertoo says:

    Strange, I’ve always thought of myself as this bird too. Both as a phoenix and a white dove. We are always being knocked down and having to rise up again, aren’t we?
    I love this.

    • Delaina
      Delaina says:

      Thank you! Love the phoenix and they many ways to look at re-birth. There are so many meanings that can be attached to a phoenix rising from the ashes. Your reading of being knocked down and rising up again add to my thoughts of reincarnation and redefined.
      Thanks for reading.

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