PAD 2014 – Monster Memories

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Day 27 -poem 2

So the prompt is still to write a monster poem I just wrote two. And yes, this one is heavy too but I hope it still touches you.

Monster Memories

The monsters do not lie under your bed
they are in your heart and in your head.
You’ve been hurt
no one can deny.
But you make us prove
over and over again
that we’ll be there to save you.
You put yourself in danger
you live in a state of threat
just to see if unlike before
we will run to your rescue.

The memories still live in your head.
You make us prove again and yet again
we will come to your rescue
as you step into the flames you fan
to see if we will rush in.
You jump, no parachute on your back
to see if we will catch you.

It seems the monster took
the very thing we can’t replace,
your faith that love will save you.
Every time
we rush the flames to pull you out
and link arms to break your fall.
Yet you only see
we failed to protect you.

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