Hands heavy with hammer and pry bar
rip away layer after layer.
Spoiled drywall and laminate
gather in a heap of uselessness.

From old wood disturbed,
charred lumber against saw blade,
the dust that cakes on skin
the smell of childhood drifts.

Novel foundations set one tile at a time
after soundlessly pleas for council
of a voice that cannot be heard
but felt. Tiny grains of grout fill the gaps.

A thin liquid protects the weakness
that is both stone and human.
Memories, forgiveness, and courage
sealed in a room we built together with my hands.

Written and shared for #OLN at dVerse, come to the pub and verse on.

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  1. brian miller
    brian miller says:

    nice…we all need a bit of renovation at time…a freshening up….a cutting away of the old to make new…it takes intiative….but when done…feels so good….

  2. Freya
    Freya says:

    I’m renovating myself (yes, literally, me) at the moment – literally stripping back, find the figurative solid wood beneath and starting all over again. it will be worth it in the end… Lovely

  3. Mary
    Mary says:

    The idea of renovation works on so many levels. I like the idea of foundations set one tile at a time. Sometimes we have to start fresh and rebuild all; but at other times the renovation is not so drastic!

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