Response Poem

Summer 2009

2009 What a year we thought it would be,
New president
New hope,
Awareness of diverse abilities yet…

What a year it could have been.
It is like a birthday, I guess another year has passed
but do we feel any different from last year?
Do we act any different than we did last year?

Education undervalued and underfunded.
Libraries under threat from ignorance,
Children kicked out of pools because of the color of their skin
Graves of love ones turned to mass graves to make a profit.

What a year it could have been.
Not only have we not learned to value knowledge
We have not learned to value life.

We know how to dine
but we are not fine.

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  1. Miller Family
    Miller Family says:

    I love this post. What a beautiful AND truthful poem. I felt that the simplicity of the poem made it more moving to me…oh and I read in the newspaper about that club outside Philadelphia that kicked the "non-white" visitors out. Crazy, scary and horrible that we still live in a country that treat people that way!

  2. Writer of Wrongs
    Writer of Wrongs says:

    Thank you. Love and support are wonderful and much needed in this world.

    Racism is still a problem in this land of the free. I for one agree with Gandhi that if one of us is oppressed then we all are. Ironic we still seem to be oppressing each other.

    The other part was the Burr Oak Cemetery. It is heart breaking and very troubling.

    Thanks again for you kind words of support.

  3. jakemiller1
    jakemiller1 says:

    I love it! I thought everything you said was very poignant! It's important to keep our eyes and our minds open to the shortcommings of our society in order to fulfill our potential.

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