She Too – City of Fountains



Kansas City is known for many things like barbecue and the Chiefs. This week the fountains were flows of red as the community kicked off the opening of football season. As my own kick off here is a poem that is in She Too: Four Voices in (Almost) Harmony.

City of Fountains

Every winter they turned off
not to become frothy mounds of fluffed ice.
Fountain Day, a community sign of spring
when all the fountains come to life again.

Waters leap high in the air
or flow rippled cascades.
On Opening Day the fountains gush Royal blue.
For Breast Cancer Week
fountains emit pink.

There are mermaids and warriors;
delicate nudes, even a muse.
Memorials to Nichols and Bloch
and Firefighters too.

The City of Fountains
falls short only to Rome.
With bubbling gurgles for children to play
the fountains are art in wet sprays.
Just a few of the reasons to call
Kansas City home.

Go Chiefs! 


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