I feel like bragging a bit this morning, so bear with me because at the end of my musing you may feel like bragging about the people you love too.

My sister-in-law, Golda, is just starting her senior year of a bachelor degree to be a social worker. She is getting accolades for the work she is doing in class and her internships. I am really happy for her and very proud of her. I love watching her confidence rise as she allows herself to apply her natural gifts to a career that empowers others.

As I watch Golda expand from her shell I have found myself thinking about all of my siblings and the pride I feel for each of them.

My siblings are grown and three of them have children of their own. They are all carving out their lives, chiseling away the things they do not want and taking control of their desires.

Their careers range from being the-go-to in HR at a huge online university, to being a top notch CPA for said university. One sibling was recently promoted working the fraud department of a Nationwide bank and another runs the back of the house business of a locally owned plumbing company. All of them are successful at pouring their passions into their careers and families.

The siblings that have children are fantastic parents. All three of my siblings with kids have one child that needs a little extra attention and patience. As a result, they spend extra time, money, and resources to help all of their children find their abilities and strengths.

Two of my siblings are breaking out of their shells and daring to dream a bolder future for themselves by going back to school as well.

Are my siblings’ lives perfect?
Of course not.
Do they struggle from time to time?
Who doesn’t?

They live their passion, they share their strengths, they love and laugh through difficult situations — they live authentically and I am proud of each of them.


distinct blossoms
coloring the same garden