Dusk falls on the horizon’s shoulders
wrapping humanity’s edges in its shawl.
Night’s ink spills across the sky.
Poets write sonnets to the moon
as it interrupts darkness.

Are we any closer?

Time blows across oceans
in earthly rotations. Life, a series of nautical
points between birth and death.
The wind in our sails color our journey
with possibilities.

Is this too abstract? Am I?

Stars sprinkle heaven with light.
My heart soars through shared kisses
Skin sliding over warm rivers
we dance on the edge
of You and Me to Us.

Are we there yet?

Sigh after
under love’s power we lie.
Fingers and legs intertwined.

How can this love not be of the Divine?

Future unfurls its mysteries
before our naked eyes
to the harshness we will find.
Yet passion’s flame is ours
for our hearts’ embrace.

Can we carry the torch without burns?

Streets littered with broken glass
from Genies’ lamps smashed against
the land of promised potential.
Dreams set adrift yearning
to be actualities. Idealisms bold as brass.

Dare wishes become realities?

Fantasies of equality
carried like Froto’s ring
a precious noose to some
a forbidden treasure to others.

“I do”, “I do too”, must our vows echo to an empty room?