“Sighs of Summer” Featured in Poets United – “I Wish I’d Written This”

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“Sighs of Summer” Featured in Poets United –
“I Wish I’d Written This”

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Rosemary Nissen-Wade (my friend and one of the poets from She Too: Four Voices in Almost Harmony) writes lovely articles at the Poets Untied site. Two of the main articles she writes there are “The Living Dead” and “I Wish I’d Written This.” This week Rosemary’s “I Wish I’d Written This,” features haiga, haiku, and short verse poets that use words as well as images to bring life’s poetic moments alive.

My “Sighs of Summer” was fortunate enough sit side by side with other great poems and images.

Read the article here.

Spring Haiga

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Happy 1st day of May!

A not quite but close haiku…



Free Venus!

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Hello Everyone!

To celebrate my life I am passing out a few gifts!

Today (Friday 3) and Tomorrow (Saturday the 4) Venus Transit: A Snapshot in Haiku & Poetry will be free. If you have not bought a copy, celebrate with me and add this poetry chapbook to your Kindle library!

Thank you!

If you would like a short preview of the e-book you can check out the book trailer:

NaHaiWriMo: Day 27

Day 27 (Garage)

dumpster in the garage
snow covers the car

NaHaiWriMo: Day 25


Day 25 (Dining Room)

dining room
littered with books and paper
research feast

NaHaiWriMo: Day 24


Day 24 (Bathroom)

thoughts and water flow
no flushing

NaHaiWriMo: Day 23


Day: 23 (Bedroom)

beneath a duvet